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How to create a Moody Luxury Living Room

Are you looking to create a Moody and Luxurious vibe in your living room but not sure where to begin? This blog aims to inspire new ideas for how to create the perfect Moody Luxury Living Room...

Moody Luxurious Living Room

Moody interiors evoke feelings of introspection, romance or even a touch of melancholy through the use of dark colours, dramatic lighting and rich textures. We can then add in a dash of luxury through high quality materials, metallics and statement furniture pieces.

In the example above the dark metallic wallpaper spans across the room adding hints of copper and gold touches as well as texture to create drama and depth in the room. To soften the space and make it feel cosy we have added drapes over the walls, this is a great way to dampen the sound as well as adding interest and another layer of texture to the walls. These can be lit up using LED lights for even more drama!

Soft Furnishings are a great way to tie in colours and textures and bring the whole design together. In this design the neutral sofa is dressed with luxurious soft furnishings including a faux fur blanket and these beautiful faux animal skin cushions. The rug ties the whole design together adding another layer of texture and bringing in all the colours from the rest of the room. All these soft furnishings make you just want to snuggle up on the sofa and never leave it!

Different lighting options are a great way to add drama and create an atmospheric space, this design has a luxurious glass ceiling pendant as well as mid level rattan wall lights and LED lit drapes. The space has been finished off with a big house plant (because plants are great!) in a beautiful brass finish pot which ties in perfectly with the statement brass hexagonal glass coffee table. And always an essential item in a Luxurious Moody Living Room is candles, lots and lots of lovely smelling candles!

If you found this post helpful do let us know as we would love to hear all about your Moody Luxurious Living Rooms and see them in all their glory!

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