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Commercial Architectural Design and Planning Services

At Lloyd Harden Design, we specialise in a diverse range of commercial projects, including offices, restaurants, hotels, stores, gyms, and hospitals. Our comprehensive services cover everything from concept design to detailed planning drawings and CGIs. We support businesses small and large, across the UK.

Commercial Planning Drawings

Our expert team creates detailed planning drawings for various commercial projects, including schools, surgeries, and housing estates. Our planning drawings encompass all necessary documentation to secure planning permission, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards. We provide precise, clear, and comprehensive architectural drawings that cover site plans, floor plans, elevations, and sections. By collaborating with our Planning Consultancy Partners, we streamline the planning process, addressing any potential issues proactively and increasing the likelihood of a successful application. Our goal is to help your business achieve planning approval swiftly and efficiently, enabling you to commence your project with confidence. 

Architectural Drawing of renovated cinema to become student accommodation
Architectural Drawings of old cinema site plan

Working Drawings

Post-planning, we develop detailed working drawings to meet building control requirements. Our experienced technical team ensures compliance and quality for both small and large-scale commercial projects. Our working drawings are meticulously crafted to provide clear guidance for contractors and builders, including detailed specifications for materials, construction techniques, and safety standards. These drawings are essential for ensuring that the construction process adheres to the approved design and meets all regulatory requirements. With our comprehensive working drawing packages, we help facilitate smooth construction phases, minimise delays, and ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship and safety.

Image by Evgeniy Surzhan
Image by Scott Blake

Architectural CGIs

Enhance your project’s appeal with our high-quality CGIs. Whether it’s for planning applications or marketing purposes, we offer photorealistic 3D renderings and videos for schools, housing estates, and more. Our CGIs help bring your project to life, providing a realistic and engaging visual representation that can attract investors, stakeholders, and potential buyers even before construction begins. Check out some of the most recent commercial CGI projects below.


Below are some examples of commercial projects we have worked on. Please note, our services extend far beyond the scope of these projects. If you can't see your project listed, please get in touch and discuss this with us directly.

Hotels & Hospitality Industry

Revamp your hotel with our tailored design solutions. We handle planning drawings and CGIs to modernise your property, ensuring it aligns with your brand and appeals to guests.


Whether it’s a full renovation or a cosmetic update, our team will work with you to create a scheme that enhances the guest experience and boosts your hotel's market appeal. Our expertise in the hospitality industry also extends to leisure and holiday home planning, ensuring comprehensive solutions for all your hospitality needs.

CGI of newly redesigned Yorkshire Hotel

Bars & Restaurants

Transform old buildings into vibrant bars and restaurants. We manage change of use applications, planning drawings, and provide interior design and CGI services to bring your vision to life. Our designs not only focus on aesthetics but also on functionality, ensuring that your establishment meets the highest standards of comfort and efficiency.


We recently completed a project, converting an old local bank into a vibrant Indian Restaurant, supporting the business planning drawings, planning application, CGIs and Interior Design.

Student Accommodation

Convert large buildings into student housing with our comprehensive services, from planning drawings to CGIs and interior design, ensuring functionality and appeal for students.


Our designs take into account the unique needs of students, providing practical, safe, and comfortable living spaces that foster a positive living and learning environment.

CGI of new frontage for student accommodation in Northampton
CGi of street scene of new development in Withern

Housing Developments

Unlock the potential of your land with our expert design and planning services. At Lloyd Harden Design, we create comprehensive plans and high-quality CGIs to streamline planning approval and enhance marketing efforts of your housing estates.


Our team ensures each development is not only visually appealing but also functional and sustainable, attracting future residents and investors alike. Learn how to get the best return on investment of your land, with architectural planning for housing developments. 


Convert old structures into new residential or commercial spaces. Our team handles everything from concept design to detailed working drawings and CGIs, making your conversion project seamless. We ensure that every aspect of the conversion meets current building standards and enhances the value and usability of the space.

If you're thinking of converting and old pub, restaurant, or other building into houses, flats or something else - we can assist with this process. From concept design, through planning, to construction drawings and interior design, our creative and confident team have the skills you'll need to see this project come to fruition.

We can create street scenes, floor plans and CGIs which will help with the planning process and, of course, be extremely helpful during the sales process.

This CGI is an artist's impression of three new build houses which was previously a restaurant. After getting this scheme through planning, we created the working drawings and internal and exterior CGIs to help take this new development to market.

CGI of new housing development in Middleton which was previously a restaurant and is now three houses
CGI of doctors surgery reception which shows modular construction

Surgeries & Medical Facilities

Opt for flexible, modular designs for medical surgeries. We provide detailed planning drawings, CGIs, and videos to support your project from planning to completion. Our designs focus on creating efficient, adaptable, and modern healthcare environments that can easily evolve with changing needs.

Modules of different shapes and sizes can be added on, depending on the type of clinic that needs to be bolted on. Using different shapes and sizes adds interest to the scheme as a whole. The walls and doors can be moved to accommodate a new flow through the building.

We can create your floor plans, elevations, CGIs and videos for any modular build.

Nurseries & Schools

We've designed many nurseries over the years. Understanding the daily activities of the school or nursery is critical to its design and we're proud of the concepts we've come up with.

Design functional and engaging nurseries and schools with our specialised services. We manage planning applications and create detailed floor plans, elevations, and CGIs to bring your educational facility to life.


Our designs prioritise safety, accessibility, and a nurturing environment conducive to learning and development.

Proposed floor plans for nursery

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Commercial Architect Services 

Q: What services do you offer for commercial projects?
A: Lloyd Harden Design offers planning drawings, working drawings, CGIs, and full interior design packages for a variety of commercial projects, including offices, hotels, restaurants and more.

Q: How do you ensure planning approval for large projects?
A: When consulting on larger projects, we collaborate closely with our experienced Planning Consultancy Partners. They guide us on what needs to be included in the planning drawings to ensure the best chances of a successful approval. If there are any doubts, they provide detailed advice and prepare planning statements, recommending the site for approval. These statements are essential as they are experts in planning laws and regulations, ensuring the best possible outcome. As Lloyd always says, "They speak the language of the planning department!"

Q: Can you help market my commercial project?
A: Yes, our photorealistic CGIs and videos are excellent tools for marketing, helping you attract interest and investment before construction begins.

Q: What types of CGIs do you provide?
A: With a wealth of experience within our team, we offer internal and external CGIs, 3D renderings, floor plans, and site videos for various commercial projects, including schools, surgeries, and housing estates.

Q: How do modular designs benefit medical surgeries?
A: Modular designs offer flexibility and scalability, allowing for easy adjustments and additions to suit evolving needs in medical facilities.

Get in Touch Today

If you can't see your project type listed here, please contact us directly. We have a huge catalogue of services, not all listed here, and we'd love to discuss your commercial project with you. Get in touch to explore how we can assist with your unique architectural needs.

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