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The Resurgence of the Loft Conversion

Extending your home has never been more popular. The pandemic changed how we all live our lives and spend more time at home is a behaviour that seems to have stuck.

The majority of us (bar the heroes on our front line) spent much more time in our houses and gardens and some of us didn't like what we saw!

Our 'normal' lives saw us out and about and we were able to bury our heads in the sand about many of the things that needed addressing in our homes and gardens.

2022 has seen a huge resurgence in home improvements and, as an Architectural Design Consultancy based in Market Harborough, we have received many more enquiries for loft conversions and house extensions than ever before!

A loft conversion is a fantastic way of adding space, and value, to your home. The size of your house, and therefore loft, will dictate the sort of conversion that you will be able to install.

The majority of people will add an office or an extra bedroom. An extra bedroom, on its own floor, is perfect for older children as your family grows.

Those who have continued to work from home following on from the pandemic, will benefit most from a home office which is detached from the rest of the house.

Ideas for bedroom and office loft conversions

If you have space for a master bedroom suite then you could also add a bathroom. Bathrooms are a great way of using the sloping roof space as most of the facilities, like the bath and toilet, do not require a lot of head height.

Ideas for bedroom and office loft conversions

Loft conversions will require a planning application which we can help you with. We'll come up with the design and submit the architectural drawings, alongside your planning application, as your agent.

Get in touch to talk to us about your project! We'll listen to your hopes and dreams for your space and talk you through the process.

Lloyd Harden Design - Your Local Leicestershire Architectural Design Consultancy

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