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The Hallway - Interior Design in Market Harborough Before & After Pictures!

We thought it was about time we shared some before and after snaps with you for the most recent Interior Design project that we completed.

This was a fabulous project where the family were starting afresh and wanted to fill their new home with a combination of new and vintage pieces.

We were working to an extremely tight time-frame but luckily we had a generous budget which helped us to overcome some of the obstacles that a tight time-frame typically brings up.

We re-designed almost every room in the house and we were lucky enough to see it right through to completion.

We spent three full days unpacking furniture, placing artwork on the walls and styling all the new accessories! We even ironed the new bedding!

Over the next few posts, we'll discuss more in-depth exactly where our interior design inspiration came from and how the project progressed - from concept to completion!

Buckle in!

The Hallway

Let's start with the hall. The hall is such an under-estimated room. It's the entrance to your home, the first thing you see and the first impression others make of your home.

The hallway was a blank canvas. It had little personality so we decided to inject a bit of colour.



We used a Mikki Longley print of Market Harborough, which is always a super quick way of injecting a bit of colour. This was especially great for this interior design project because the owners were not from the local area.

We chose an absolutely stunning brass pendant light that needed reinforcing because it was so heavy! But I'd say it was worth it. What a feature!

We added a beautiful mirror which really opened up the space. We added a brass vase, which mirrored the lighting, and filled it with luxurious black pampas grass.

We also chose a few brass antiques which really gave the hall a bit of interest and a bit of age. We love mixing the new and the old to create an eclectic mix of styles and eras.

We didn't want to overpower this space as the rest of the rooms are extremely busy so the hall, although stylish and homely, acts as a kind of palate cleanser as you move bewteen rooms.

What do you think of the interior styling in the hall?

Next, we'll have a look at the snug - which might be my favourite room! Coming soon!

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