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Stunning Five Bed Luxury Family Home Design

This mammoth 5 bed family home design has kept Lloyd busy for some time and I think you'll agree that it was worth the effort.

This new build design includes some amazing features:

  • Turret Wing

  • Annex above Garage

  • Balconies to two bedrooms

  • Oversized Double Garage

  • Sunroom

The building itself will boast stunning Georgian window sand quaint detailing, making it a stonemasons dream!

The exaggerated ceiling heights and stunning open staircase makes this home absolutely breathtaking. Holding my breath for an invite to the first dinner party!

This conceptual design is very much a grand design and a home we would all dream of living in.

The owners of the land had a meeting with Lloyd and briefed him on the dimensions and dreams for this project and are so pleased with the result.

Ready to plan your own grand design? We offer a free consultation and free quote so get in touch today!

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