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Planning Granted for Two Storey Extension in Kibworth.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

We take pride in delivering the happy news to our clients – that their extension has been approved!

Existing Floor Plans:

Our lovely customers can now build their dream home, by knocking down their garage and building a two-storey extension. With the extra room, from the two-storey extension they can now make their kitchen, dining room and family room bigger. With the space from the extension on the first floor a new master bedroom and ensuite will be created along with the relocation of the existing bathroom.

Proposed Floor Plans

To proceed with this project, our lovely clients will need to locate a trusted builder to complete the job. Furthermore, since this is a two-story extension, we highly recommend Working Drawings. By providing detailed drawings, it serves as a contract between you and your builder.

Proposed Elevations

For more information or to book your free consultation please contact us.

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