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Our spec room is finally complete!

You may remember, several weeks ago, I (Laura) started decorating our spec. room. It took me rather longer than we expected as we have been rushed off our feet with amazing projects!

However, I am pleased to say that it is now ready - and already full of samples and being used! We love it!

The idea was to create a space where clients could come into the studio and gain inspiration - especially on interior design projects.

We have some amazing suppliers that we work with and that we want to be able to recommend to our clients - a sample room to spec from makes this much easier.

You might remember that, before, it was painted a boring ivory and was basically a mess.


We had some left over grey paint so decided to go with that. We then put a poll on Instagram to decide on the colour for the feature wall. We ended up with YELLOW! We added a meeting table, all of our samples and some drawers and there you have it!


What do you think?

We made a reel of the do-up and it's on our instagram page:

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