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Lloyd has been working on these impressive lodge CGIs for new park

Our Design Director, Lloyd, has been busy creating these stunning CGIs for one of our amazing park owners.

These absolutely beautiful, high-end, modern cube lodges will be available to purchase, and sleep in, super soon! Where do we sign up?!

CGIs are so important these days in both the domestic and the leisure industry.

In planning applications CGIs help the planning department to see your vision for your development. This can sometimes make the decision much easier for them as they can picture your house extension or new build within the area rather than have to try and imagine it for themselves.

In the leisure industry, where Lloyd has spent a huge amount of his working life, CGI are HUGE. Our clients utilise Lloyd's amazing CGI skills to advertise new park layouts, new lodges and to sell the whole package.

At Lloyd Harden Design we are able to capture the feel of your new park and create a fly-through video which sells the experience of buying into your park, to your future clients.

To check out some of Lloyd's work, have a look at our Marketing CGIs page or our CGIs for Planning page.

if you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch !

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