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Lloyd Harden Design at the Great Yorkshire Show

We’ve just returned from a few days at the Great Yorkshire Show where we worked alongside Liberty Leisure Group providing planning advice to anyone looking to site a lodge!

It was such a fantastic experience, though a little bit hot at times, and we can’t wait for next year! We were located near the ferris wheel at the Great Yorkshire Show and the atmosphere was amazing!

The question we were asked most at the Great Yorkshire Show was: Do I need planning permission to put a lodge on my land? The answer is probably YES.

The majority of people that we spoke to were under the impression that, because the home is 'temporary' and 'on wheels' you can basically put it anywhere! Unfortunately, this is not the case.

If you plan to site a lodge within the curtilage of your garden then you will not need planning as long as the unit is an extension of the enjoyment of your home. You must have property on this land and the lodge must have the same address - it cannot be considered as separate.

However, if you've recently purchased some land and you're wanting to add some lodges, or even just one lodge, you will need to put in a planning application.

If you're unsure whether the application will be accepted then we can first submit a Pre-Application. These applications are a lot cheaper and the local authority are supposed to reply within 25 days. They will raise any concerns and should give an idea of whether a full application will be successful.

If your land is near a listed building, within an area of natural beauty (AONB) or green belt then gaining permission may be tricky. However, if there is a housing shortage in your area, your land falls within the development area or there are developments near by then you might be successful!

We can do some research into your land and find out whether or not it's likely to be accepted for just a few hundred pounds. If we think it's worth a shot then we will submit a pre-app for you and deal with all correspondence from the council.

The benefits of developing your land, and opening your own residential or holiday park, are massive so it's definitely worth finding out whether this is a possibility.

If you have any questions about developing your land, get in touch with one of the team today for a chat!

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