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Benefits & Cost of Adding a Sedum Roof to your Property

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

As we all become more conscious of our Carbon Footprints, and energy bills, it's only natural that we would start to look at alternative ways of designing and building.

Recently, we have been asked more and more about sedum roofs. In theory, adding a sedum roof to your property sounds like a no-brainer.. less heat lost, lower energy bills, helping ecosystems and the environment... BUT, what are the real benefits and costs of adding a sedum roof to your home? Let's find out!

What is a Sedum Roof?

A sedum roof is a, usually, flat roof which has been fitted and covered with a layer on sedum.

What is Sedum?

Sedums are succulent plants with fleshy leaves and flat, nectar-rich flowerheads that are loved by bees and other pollinators. Their incredibly hardy, low growing and lightweight nature is what makes them such a popular choice.

They have short roots, which is an important factor to consider on a living roof, and are very easy to maintain, fairing well during all weathers.

What are the benefits of adding a sedum roof to your property?

Insulation - A green roof can protect your roof from the elements and ageing caused by thermal expansion and contraction and UV radiation. Less heat lost = lower energy bills! Bonus.

Improves air quality - As with living walls, living roofs help purify the air and turn Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen. As well as this, a green roof can lower noise pollution!

Improved Biodiversity - With habitats being lost to development every day, a green roof can provide habitats for besting birds, insects, plants and invertebrates.

Improves life-span of roof - A green roof can increase your roof's life expectancy by up to 300%. It is generally accepted that a greened roof will double, if not triple, your roof’s lifespan. A green roof should last up to 50 years, which material roofs are yet to reach.

Increases value of house - After several global studies, it is generally thought that adding a sedum roof to your property increases its value by 5-15%.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Sedum Roof to your Property?

The price of adding a sedum roof can vary depending on the type of sedum that you add as well as the size of your roof.

There are a variety of sedum roof options, including blankets, trays, plugs and seeds. The cheapest option is to seed your roof. The pre-made blankets and trays are much more expensive, but a lot easier to fit!

If you're a bit handy, a DIY sedum project could cost as little as a few hundred pounds. A larger residential or even commercial project can go into the thousands.

We are absolutely loving sedum roofs at the moment and have a few in planning that will hopefully soon be built! So, keep an eye on our social media for images of these!

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