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Beautiful Site Design CGI for Lodge Park

We recently worked on a site design for a lodge park that required planning permission for a new site. We created the below CGIs for the application to the council which help with Planning Applications.

As you can see, from the two CGIs below, the design evolved from the image on the left to the more sympathetic scheme on the right.

We'll often need to create a few different versions of site plans and CGIs because the requirements of the site are always so different. Sometimes, the council want to see a a life-like example of how a site will look.

But, often, they prefer to see an artist's impression instead as this gives a more dreamy and conceptual idea of how the site could look.

What style do you prefer?

Not only do we offer CGI images for marketing and Planning but we also design sites and lodges!

Check out our Leisure page to see the full extent of our leisure services.

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