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Amazing 360 CGIs Bring Design to Life!

Designing an extension, or a house renovation of any kind, is such an exciting process.

Some people are born with a fantastic imagination and find it easy to imagine things before the idea comes to fruition. However, most of us find that kind of thing difficult.

The beauty of 360 CGIs, which give a Virtual Reality effect, is that it transports you to a place that doesn't yet exist.

The below 360 CGI was created for one of our lovely clients for whom we redesigned the layout of their home. As you can see from the CGI, the house looks absolutely stunning and the open-plan living that has been created will completely change their way of life!

If you love the thought of creating an open plan kitchen diner like this, get in touch! Our experienced team are ready to help make your dream home a reality!

You can also view more of our CGI work on our Marketing CGIs page.

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