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As well as holiday and residential parks, we work within many commercial industries; offices, restaurants, hotels, stores, gyms, and hospitals.

We are proud to offer a variety of services such as concept design, internal redesigns, change of use, planning drawings, working drawings, 3D floor plans and CGIs.

We also offer full interior design packages with a full specification and mood boards.

Planning Drawings

We create stunning designs and detailed Architectural drawings for planning, whatever the scale of your project. For large-scale projects, we work alongside our Planning Consultancy Partners to achieve planning for your new project.

Architectural Drawing of renovated cinema to become student accommodation
Architectural Drawings of old cinema site plan

Working Drawings

Once we achieve planning for your commercial project, we will progress onto creating a Working Drawing package to satisfy building control. Our technical team offer a huge amount of experience in dealing with small and large scale commercial projects. 

Image by Evgeniy Surzhan
Image by Scott Blake


Whilst the planning process is progressing, and once the design has been fleshed out, why not take your project to market? Our internal and external CGIs are a fantastic tool for gauging interest before any work has been made on the site. We can create still CGIs, floor plans and even site videos. These can also help with yoiur planning application - especially if you find yourself needing to submit and Design and Access or Heritage Statement.


Below are some examples of commercial projects we have worked on. Please note, our services extend way beyond the scope of these projects. If you can't see your project listed, please get in touch and discuss this with us directly.


If you're looking to renovate a hotel and bring it up to date, we'll come up with a scheme that is perfect for your brand. We'll also handle any planning drawings and applications, potentially utilising the skills of our Planning Consultant Partner - depending on the size of the project.

If the changes are cosmetic, we would highly recommend investing in some still CGIs and a video. This takes planners on the journey, allows you to get the local community on board and helps you to visualise the changes. We can also help with interior design with our fantastic Interior Design team.

This CGI shows an external redesign of an old hotel in Yorkshire. The brief was to bring the external aesthetic up to date. We completed the redesign as well as the external CGIs.

CGI of newly redesigned Yorkshire Hotel

Bars & Restaurants

A lot of large old buildings, especially banks, make perfect restaurants and bars. We'll handle the change of use planning application and complete all necessary drawings for planning and construction.

We can also take on the interior design and help with your marketing via our CGI and video packages.

This restaurant CGI shows the an old bank we are currently working on to transofrm into an India Fusion restaurant and bar. We created the planning drawings and a full CGI package for this project.

Student Accommodation

A lot of large old buildings make perfect student accommodation options - especially if you're based in a university city. We'll handle the change of use planning application and complete all necessary drawings for planning and construction.

We can also take on the interior design and help with your marketing via our CGI and video packages.

This CGI shows the redesigned frontage of the student accommodation design. We created planning drawings and a full CGI package for this project.


We also created mood boards for the interior design of all communal areas and several room options.

CGI of new frontage for student accommodation in Northampton
CGi of street scene of new development in Withern

Housing Estates

If you've acquired some land that would make a fantastic housing estate, we;d love to help. Our talented team will create an enviable development design, taking into account planning restrictions, but making the site desirable to future residents.

We'll handle the planning application for this new development, alongside our Planning Consultant Partner, as well as any design and access statement required.

When it comes to marketing the site, our CGI team have got you covered. we can create street scenes, fly-through videos, still CGIs and even floor plans for the homes.

Don;t forget out Interior Designers can also help develop a interior design for the houses, Even if you don't go ahead and decorate or furnish the homes, we can detail the CGIs for you to sell the properties off-plan.


If you're thinking of converting and old pub, restaurant, or other building into houses, flats or something else - we can assist with this process.

From concept design, through planning, to construction drawings and interior design, our creative and confident team have the skills you'll need to see this project come to fruition.

We can create street scenes, floor plans and CGIs which will help with the planning process and, of course, be extremely helpful during the sales process.

This CGI is an artist's impression of three new build houses which was previously a restaurant. After getting this scheme through planning, we created the working drawings and internal and exterior CGIs to help take this new development to market.

CGI of new housing development in Middleton which was previously a restaurant and is now three houses
CGI of doctors surgery reception which shows modular construction


We've recently found that a lot of industries are moving into modular constructions which can be easily added to, or decreased in size. In particular, medical surgeries are opting for this flexible way of building, which provides a clean and changeable environment.

Modules of different shapes and sizes can be added on, depending on the type of clinic that needs to be bolted on. Using different shapes and sizes adds interest to the scheme as a whole. The walls and doors can be moved to accommodate a new flow through the building.

We can create your floor plans, elevations, CGIs and videos for any modular build.

Nurseries & Schools

We've designed many nurseries over the years. Understanding the daily activities of the school or nursery is critical to its design and we're proud of the concepts we've come up with.

Whether it's a new build, or a reconfiguration or extension of an existing building, we're confident that we'll design a layout that works for your individual needs.

As always, we can create floor plans, elevations, CGIs and videos of the proposed scheme. We can also handle the planning application, alongside our Planning Consultant Partners.

We understand that there are a lot of hoops to jump through when planning a project like this and we have the experience and knowledge to assist with this process, making it an enjoyable one.

Proposed floor plans for nursery

Project not listed here?

If you can't see your project type listed here, please contact us directly. We have a huge catalogue of services, not all listed here, and we'd love to discuss your commercial project with you.

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