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Our Interior Design Packages & Pricing

Our Interior Design Services

We offer a variety of Interior Design services which we are confident will meet your expectations. Whether you're looking for a complete refurbishment, or a few finishing touches and styling suggestions, we've got you covered!

We typically build a package around you and this is because each and every project varies and requires a different level of support and design. To give you an idea of our interior design pricing, we have built these sample packages:

Interior Styling

Are you happy with the items already in a room but it somehow just doesn't work? We hear this a lot and it can sometimes be an easy fix. New soft furnishings, a rug, sofa or new paint colour bring it all together. Our aim is to take a space that feels unfinished, or undressed, and bring it all together so that it feels professionally styled and finished.

Our Interior Styling package involves styling existing items in a way that positively alters the flow and feel of a space. We would keep new items to a minimum, only where required to refresh the feel of the room. This service is focused on dressing a space in order to create a professional style.


  • One-to-One Design Meetings

  • Survey*

  • Floor Plan*

  • Conceptual Mood Boards

Our fee for this service starts at just £95 per room.

Conceptual Interior Design

Our Conceptual Interior Design package focuses on creating an conceptual design for your chosen areas. We'll look at paints, flooring, furniture and styling. As much or as little as you need. We realise that every project is different and we quote specifically for your project. Includes:

  • One-to-One Design Meetings

  • Survey

  • Floor Plan

  • Conceptual Mood Boards

Our fee for this service starts at just £395 per room.

Full Interior Design

Our Full Interior Design package focuses on the form and function of spaces. This process will typically include designing floor plans, kitchens, bathrooms and specifying fixtures and fittings.

An almost complete overhaul of the space.

We'll first complete an initial consultation where we'll discuss the purpose of each room and aim to discover what your hopes and dreams for this space could be. Once instructed, we can get to work!

We'll survey the house, draw up the existing rooms and add in any furniture that is to remain. We'll then come up with some ideas and present these to you as mood boards in order to receive feedback on the proposed colour schemes and product specification.

After the first draft has been discussed, we will tweak and refine the design until we reach a finished design that you love!

This package is perfect if you are moving into a house or looking to perform a complete renovation.


  • One-to-One Design Meetings

  • Survey

  • Floor Plan

  • Actual Mood Boards

  • Product Specification

  • Purchasing Specified Items (Items to be invoiced to client)

Our fee for this service starts at just £495 per room and includes use of our trade discounts!

We also have a range of added extras that we can add on to your package. These include:

CGIs - CGIs are a fantastic tool if you are torn between two different schemes and want to see what these would look like in your room. These are also a great tool if you plan to carry out the works yourself as you can see exactly what goes where and how it should all come together at the end.

Styling and Dressing - We would love to dress and style the space that we have designed! Why not go away for a couple of days whilst we dress your home for you and create the design that we have created. Come home to your finished space and fall in love with your new home!

Contractors - We have access to a full team of contractors that we use on our interior design projects. We can arrange quotes for you and manage the contractors to carry out an works required on the design that we have created for you. These contractors range from handymen to plumbers and electricians.

Ready? Get in touch today to arrange your free consultation and meet with us to discuss the potential within your home!

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