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Marketing CGIs & Video for New Lodge Development

Lloyd and the Leisure team have been working extremely hard on designing a new lodge development. We have also created all of the marketing material for the site and i wanted to take you on a journey of this process.

We get a lot of questions about site design and development. Lloyd has nearly 20 years' experience in this industry and has an extremely good reputation among park owners.

With this particular lodge site, we first arranged a Teams call where Lloyd and Tom discussed the hopes and dreams for this site.

Once everyone was happy that the relationship was going to be a good one, Lloyd - our MD and CGI artist - and Tom - our Senior Leisure Designer - headed down to view the site.

Once all the information came through, such as Topographical Survey, came through, the team were able to make a start on designing the site.

Below is a site plan which Tom has coloured up using a Google earth image. Sometimes, we use drone footage. However, for a site like this, a Google Earth image has worked extremely well.

You can see how the lodges nestle into the surrounding woodland and it becomes obvious that Tom has designed a sympathetic and soft site here.

These coloured site plans are a great tool for planning. It shows the planners plenty of detail and, along with the 2D plans, help them to visualise what the site will look like when complete.

The next step is for Lloyd to bring this to life as a CGI. CGIs are fantastic for bringing a new site to market and can be valuable when wishing to sell units off plan.

Lloyd then started work on a collection of CGI scenes from around the park. Sometimes we know which lodges our clients want to use for their site and we can add these in.

We can add in visitors to your park, complete with activities that your park offers. e.g. people playing golf, cycling, etc.

This really gives potential buyers or visitors an idea of the feel of the park once it's built. Sell the dream, before you've got boots on the ground.

But, the most impressive piece of marketing we offer, has to be our fly through videos. Each video is tailor-made and crated around your site.

Here's the final piece of this package for this park.

Thanks for joining me on a quick run through of our lodge site services. We have plenty more services to offer and you can find these on our dedicated leisure page:

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