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Facility Building Design

We love designing parks, both residential and holiday. Our vast experience has helped us to understand what's important to a park owner, as well as to the end user.

Facility buildings can make or break a sale and we understand the importance of offering your visitor, or buyer, more than just a nice spot for a lodge.

Customers expect more from a park now, and we can help you discover what could make your park stand out from the rest - plus we'll design it too! Inside and out.

Make your Site Stand Out

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Facility Centres

A well-positioned, and well laid out facility centre is extremely important for guests and owners.

It can be the first building seen by an arriving guest and therefore your first opportunity to make a good impression!

Whatever you plan to use your facility centre for, it's important to make the most of the available space.

We can design your facility centre, and incorporate it into our site design, site plan and marketing CGIs.

This CGI was completed recently as part of a full CGI package for a Golf Resort which is adding lodges to it's site.


As we were saying earlier, guests and owners now expect so much more from a park.


It's not enough for the site to be well-located, or have a nice view. If your park offers something more; like a spa, wellness centre or swimming pool, you are giving your park the best chance for success.

This CGI is of a spa we worked on recently. It offers it's users a whole host of facilities including saunas, steam room, treatment rooms, swimming pool, gym and a bar and restaurant.

It's a stunning addition to an already established park and has already resulted in new interest.

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Restaurants & Bars

The restaurant and bar within a park is almost as important as the lodges themselves!

Holiday guests especially, make a point of researching the facilities and food/drink offerings before booking anything.

Having a destination restaurant and/or bar is an extremely important thing to consider when designing a site.

This CGI is a recent resturant that we designed, put through planning and also soured and procured all interior design items.

If you need any help with your restaurant design and interior design, we can help you navigate this journey.

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