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Discover the natural beauty of our Large Conch Shell jewellery tray, crafted to perfection and designed to add a touch of beachside elegance to any space.


This unique, handmade tray is the perfect place to showcase your precious gems, rings, and trinkets, while adding a touch of sophistication to your decor.


Each shell is unique and features its own natural variations and textures, making it a stunning and distinctive addition to any home.


Embrace the beauty of the ocean with this timeless piece, as it adds a touch of coastal charm to any room.


Whether used as a jewellery holder or simply as a decorative accent, this Large Conch Shell is a must-have for any beach lover or admirer of natural, handmade beauty.

Large Conch Shell

  • Colour: Ivory

    Comes fitted with feet to protect furniture against scratches.

    Handcasted product may exhibit bubbles (dents) as part of its unique charm.

    Each item is meticulously hand-poured and casted with a concrete-like material, ensuring no two pieces are identical.

    While we strive to replicate the original product, subtle varia