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Planning Approved for Barn in Market Harborough, Leicestershire

We are so pleased that we have now received planning permission for our client in Market Harborough, Leicestershire!

We put in for Retrospective Planning Permission for a track to a storage barn which was to store horse supplies and equipment. Increased robbery in the area meant that the client needed a safe storage facility for their equipment.

Since Lloyd Harden Design moved to Lubenham, we have worked on so many barns and we are loving these rural projects. Barn designs and barn conversions have come in thick and fast since moving to a village!

We love the opportunity to be creative whilst also adhering to the many conditions imposed by local planning committees. Barn conversions and barn designs are always a bit of a challenge but a challenge that we love!

The aesthetics were really important because we wanted it to be in keeping with the stables and to maintain the equestrian feel. We kept the materials the same and mirrored some of the lines and shapes already present in the stables.

We've loved being a part of this barn design project and we are always really pleased when a planning application gets approved.

If you're thinking of going for planning for a project you have in mind then we can help!

Our talented and experienced team are planning specialists and we can act as your agent and submit the planning application on your behalf. We believe that this helps you to enjoy the process more.

If you're ready to talk about your project, please get in touch with us and chat to one of the team.

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