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Boho Chic Living Room

Updated: Apr 20

Do you like the Boho style but want to make it feel a little more luxurious and chic?

Our Monochrome Boho Chic Living Room might be the décor you are looking for! With elements of Boho coming through in the use of natural materials, patterned fabric and organic shapes combined with the luxurious, chic monochrome colour palette, modern artwork and glass globe pendant lighting.

This design is set to make you feel calm, cosy and sophisticated whilst you sit comfortably in the corner cocooned by the warm glow of lighting reading your favourite novel.

In this concept board, we have created a boho chic monochrome living room using a mix of different materials and cosy lighting features. Having a simple natural and monochrome pallet means it's all about the textures, materials and patterns.

Using natural wood flooring, mixed with dark black panelling creates a striking bold and luxurious contrast. Often we shy away from dark colours, especially black, but in a small space it can make spaces feel more cosy and intimate.

We've added a chic modern art piece in the neutral / monochrome pallet as well as an organic pebble shaped mirror to really bring the walls to life!

There are several lighting options in this boho chic monochrome living room to complement the fireplace feature and create ambience.

The ceiling pendant is a beautiful frosted glass globe allowing overhead lighting that creates a gentle glow but also feels quite luxurious and sophisticated. A tall mango wood floor lamp has been placed in the corner of the room as another lighting option for a cosier and softer glow perhaps for when you are reading a book with a glass of pinot! A smaller amber glass table lamp has been added for a little more ambience in the evenings.

The wooden furniture in the monochrome / neutral pallet brings in more textures and warmth to the space as well as providing a storage function. The chair in the monochrome Aztec pattern feels bold but compliments the space well. An additional pattern and texture has been subtly introduced in the rug but ties in well to the rest of the design through the use of colour.

Botanicals and organic shapes have been used to style the space in keeping with the neutral scheme!

So what do you think... Is this your vibe? We love it and would love to hear what you think!


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