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20% Off All Christmas Candles & Diffusers!

From Tuesday the 20th of December until Christmas, we are offering our lovely customers 20% off all of our Christmas Candles and Diffusers.

We have some absolutely stunning sculpture candles shaped like snowflakes and Christmas trees!

We also have 20% off our Ivy & Twine scented candles and diffusers. If you have been in the shop at all, you will know exactly how enchanting these scents are!

We currently have only a few of each remaining:

  • Mulled Wine Candle

  • Mulled Wine Diffuser

  • Gingerbread House Diffuser

  • Winter Spice Candle

  • Winter Spice Diffuser

These products will fill your home with the scent of Christmas this year and you'll be welcoming visitors to comments about how lovely your home smells!

We love the snowflake candles dotted along your table runner and the Christmas trees placed on the mantel or hallway sideboard.

Unfortunately, it's too late for Christmas postage but we have all of these items in stock and looking to go to their new homes!

We are open Friday 9am - 12pm (closing early for our Christmas party) and Saturday we'll be open 11am - 4.30pm.

Saturday we'll have wine and mince pies on hand to assist you with your last minute Christmas shopping.

After Saturday, we don't reopen until the 2nd of January.

See you soon! Merry Christmas.

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